Please note that the dates on this list are subject to change.  If a release is not fully ready, it will not be released on time. 

The release plan is changing - please see for info

"Supernatural" 0.0.X pre-alpha proof-of-concept release family:
Initial demonstration, with only the minimum parts to make things somewhat work.  Scope will only include a main metapackage and gnome-session, and all other parts will be direct from the GNOME3 ppa. Not intended for production machines.  

"Constellation" 0.1.X alpha release family:
More practical, usable, stable, and complete system.  Will include features like gnome-tweak and a fallback session. 
"Hydra" 0.1.X Beta release family:
Beta release.  Getting everything ready for 1.0.0.  Development switches to Oneiric.  Shell extensions added. 
Going Forward:
  • A new Major 0.X.0 release every 4-5 weeks, delivering significant new features and bugfixes
  • A new Minor 0.0.X release about 1 week after the major, additional minor bugfixes one week after that if needed. This will deliver minor new features and bugfixes.

Development schedule:

  • Blueprints and bugs must be drafted and targeted to a milestone 1 week before it is due, 2 weeks is preferred.
  • An update must be fully in dev channel for testing 2 days before it is due, 5 days is preferred.

"Andromeda" 1.0.0 Oneiric full release:
Will include full, stable versions of both GNOME classic and GNOME 3.  This release will include custom branding, shell extensions, and other goodies.  A cd .iso image will be available.  All packages will be available in the Ubuntu universe, with dev versions available from our PPA. 
And more to come...