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UGR 0.1.1 "Nebula" is Out!

posted May 14, 2011, 10:48 PM by JC Hulce
We bring you the latest version of UGR, 0.1.1 "Nebula".  This version includes our UGR boot theme and a few upstream fixes in GNOME 3.  Wallpapers have been delayed until 1.0.0.  Installation/ Upgrade Instructions

Known issues:
  • wrong $PATH
  • network manager looks strange
  • some instability
  • some double app listing
  • segfaults sometimes
  • dependency issues sometimes
  • settings app issues
  • other GNOME 3 stuff
  • unity doesn't work
  • If 0.0.1 is already installed, it needs to be removed first
What's next?  Future releases will include custom wallpaper, shell extensions, and themeselector.